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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wheres the media?

Mark Campano, a former Doctor in Ohio, was recently found with a large collections of guns, ammo, & pipe bombs after he blew his hands up. (Article on
Local papers talked to his neighbors who commented on his mindset:
"...Campano often railed against the government."
"He was always trying to get me and another neighbor to listen to anti-government tapes and watch anti-government videos," said Vachon. "I would never watch them. He was some kind of radical, and he didn't believe in the government."
"Neighbors have said Campano, a former anesthesiologist stripped of medical license in 2006, spoke openly of his dislike for government."

After having days to investigate the AP & other MSM press only mention his drug dependency, if they even report it. Nothing in the national "Liberal" MSM about his political views. As of noon Sat, Nov 28th, the search comes up empty on
There are tons of resources on Tigers car crash, party crashers @ the white house, heck they still cant shut up about dudes smooching. I thought we should be worried about terrorism. Right now my worry is about Tiger driving into my party while kissing a dude, and then coming at me with a butter knife, or something.

H/T Open Left Quick Hits

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